googleLanguageR - Analysing language through the Google Cloud Machine Learning APIs

Mark Edmondson OCTOBER 3, 2017

One of the greatest assets human beings possess is the power of speech and language, from which almost all our other accomplishments flow. To be able to analyse communication offers us a chance to gain a greater understanding of one another. To help you with this, googleLanguageR is an R package that allows you to perform speech-to-text transcription, neural net translation and natural language processing via the Google Cloud machine learning services.

Accessing patent data with the patentsview package

Chris Baker SEPTEMBER 19, 2017

Why care about patents? 1. Patents play a critical role in incentivizing innovation, without which we wouldn’t have much of the technology we rely on everyday What does your iPhone, Google’s PageRank algorithm, and a butter substitute called Smart Balance all have in common? …They all probably wouldn’t be here if not for patents. A patent provides its owner with the ability to make money off of something that they invented, without having to worry about someone else copying their technology.

crul - an HTTP client

Scott Chamberlain NOVEMBER 9, 2016

A new package crul is on CRAN. crul is another HTTP client for R, but is relatively simplified compared to httr, and is being built to link closely with webmockr and vcr. webmockr and vcr are packages ported from Ruby’s webmock and vcr, respectively. They both make mocking HTTP requests really easy. A major use case for mocking HTTP requests is for unit tests. Nearly all the packages I work on personally make HTTP requests in their test suites, so I wanted to make it really easy to mock HTTP requests.

R api

rOpenSci geospatial libraries

Scott Chamberlain MARCH 17, 2016

Geospatial data input/output, manipulation, and vizualization are tasks that are common to many disciplines. Thus, we’re keenly interested in making great tools in this space. We have an increasing set of spatial tools, each of which we’ll cover sparingly. See the cran and github badges for more information. We are not trying to replace the current R geospatial libraries - rather, we’re trying to fill in gaps and create smaller tools to make it easy to plug in just the tools you need to your workflow.

Curling - exploring web request options

Scott Chamberlain DECEMBER 18, 2014

rOpenSci specializes in creating R libraries for accessing data resources on the web from R. Most times you request data from the web in R with our packages, you should have no problem. However, you evenutally will run into problems. In addition, there are advanced things you can do modifying requests to web resources that fall in the advanced stuff category. Underlying almost all of our packages are requests to web resources served over the http protocol via curl.

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