.rprofile: David Smith

Kelly O'Briant OCTOBER 13, 2017

David Smith is a Blogger and Community Lead at Microsoft. I had the chance to interview David last May at rOpenSci unconf17. We spoke about his career, the process of working remote within a team, community development/outreach and his personal methods for discovering great content to share and write about. KO: What is your name, job title, and how long have you been using R? DS: My name is David Smith.

Introducing our Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Dan Sholler

Stefanie Butland Karthik Ram JUNE 30, 2017

We are pleased to welcome our Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Dan Sholler. Dan is an expert in qualitative research (yes, you read that correctly) and studies digital infrastructure creation, growth, and maintenance efforts. Through this research interest, he was drawn to the open science community and its ongoing development of tools and communities to support sustainable, reproducible, high-quality research. With rOpenSci, he intends to investigate what drives scientists to engage with or resist open science tools and communities.

Announcing our first fellowship awarded to Dr. Nick Golding

Stefanie Butland Karthik Ram DECEMBER 12, 2016

rOpenSci’s overarching mission is to promote a culture of transparent, open, and reproducible research across various scientific communities. All of our activities are geared towards lowering barriers to participation, and building a community of practitioners around the world. In addition to developing and maintaining a large suite of open source tools for data science, we actively support the research community with expert review on research software development, community calls, and hosting annual unconferences around the world.

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