Image Convolution in R using Magick

Jeroen Ooms Thomas Lin Pedersen NOVEMBER 2, 2017

Release 1.4 of the magick package introduces a new feature called image convolution that was requested by Thomas L. Pedersen. In this post we explain what this is all about. Kernel Matrix The new image_convolve() function applies a kernel over the image. Kernel convolution means that each pixel value is recalculated using the weighted neighborhood sum defined in the kernel matrix. For example lets look at this simple kernel:

Changes to Internet Connectivity in R on Windows

Jeroen Ooms OCTOBER 10, 2017

This week we released version 3.0 of the curl R package to CRAN. You may have never used this package directly, but curl provides the foundation for most HTTP infrastructure in R, including httr, rvest, and all packages that build on it. If R packages need to go online, chances are traffic is going via curl. This release introduces an important change for Windows users: we are switching from OpenSSL to Secure Channel on Windows 7 / 2008-R2 and up.

googleLanguageR - Analysing language through the Google Cloud Machine Learning APIs

Mark Edmondson OCTOBER 3, 2017

One of the greatest assets human beings possess is the power of speech and language, from which almost all our other accomplishments flow. To be able to analyse communication offers us a chance to gain a greater understanding of one another. To help you with this, googleLanguageR is an R package that allows you to perform speech-to-text transcription, neural net translation and natural language processing via the Google Cloud machine learning services.

The writexl package: zero dependency xlsx writer for R

Jeroen Ooms SEPTEMBER 8, 2017

We have started working on a new rOpenSci package called writexl. This package wraps the very powerful libxlsxwriter library which allows for exporting data to Microsoft Excel format. The major benefit of writexl over other packages is that it is completely written in C and has absolutely zero dependencies. No Java, Perl or Rtools are required. Getting Started The write_xlsx function writes a data frame to an xlsx file. You can test that data roundtrips properly by reading it back using the readxl package.

Spelling 1.0: quick and effective spell checking in R

Jeroen Ooms SEPTEMBER 7, 2017

The new rOpenSci spelling package provides utilities for spell checking common document formats including latex, markdown, manual pages, and DESCRIPTION files. It also includes tools especially for package authors to automate spell checking of R documentation and vignettes. Spell Checking Packages The main purpose of this package is to quickly find spelling errors in R packages. The spell_check_package() function extracts all text from your package manual pages and vignettes, compares it against a language (e.

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