Building Communities Together at ozunconf, 2017

Nicholas Tierney OCTOBER 31, 2017

Just last week we organised the 2nd rOpenSci ozunconference, the sibling rOpenSci unconference, held in Australia. Last year it was held in Brisbane, this time around, the ozunconf was hosted in Melbourne, from October 27-27, 2017. At the ozunconf, we brought together 45 R-software users and developers, scientists, and open data enthusiasts from academia, industry, government, and non-profits. Participants travelled from far and wide, with people coming from 6 cities around Australia, 2 cities in New Zealand, and one city in the USA.

Experiences as a first time rOpenSci package reviewer

Verena Haunschmid SEPTEMBER 8, 2017

It all started January 26th this year when I signed up to volunteer as a reviewer for R packages submitted to rOpenSci. My main motivation for wanting to volunteer was to learn something new and to contribute to the R open source community. If you are wondering why the people behind rOpenSci are doing this, you can read How rOpenSci uses Code Review to Promote Reproducible Science. Three months later I was contacted by Maelle Salmon asking whether I was interested in reviewing the R package patentsview for rOpenSci.

Community Call - rOpenSci Software Review and Onboarding

Stefanie Butland AUGUST 31, 2017

Are you thinking about submitting a package to rOpenSci’s open peer software review? Considering volunteering to review for the first time? Maybe you’re an experienced package author or reviewer and have ideas about how we can improve. Join our Community Call on Wednesday, September 13th. We want to get your feedback and we’d love to answer your questions! Agenda Welcome (Stefanie Butland, rOpenSci Community Manager, 5 min) guest: Noam Ross, editor (15 min) Noam will give an overview of the rOpenSci software review and onboarding, highlighting the role editors play and how decisions are made about policies and changes to the process.

Tesseract and Magick: High Quality OCR in R

Jeroen Ooms AUGUST 17, 2017

Last week we released an update of the tesseract package to CRAN. This package provides R bindings to Google’s OCR library Tesseract. install.packages("tesseract") The new version ships with the latest libtesseract 3.05.01 on Windows and MacOS. Furthermore it includes enhancements for managing language data and using tesseract together with the magick package. Installing Language Data The new version has several improvements for installing additional language data. On Windows and MacOS you use the tesseract_download() function to install additional languages:

Chat with the rOpenSci team at upcoming meetings

Stefanie Butland AUGUST 11, 2017

You can find members of the rOpenSci team at various meetings and workshops around the world. Come say ‘hi’, learn about how our packages can enable your research, or about our onboarding process for contributing new packages, discuss software sustainability or tell us how we can help you do open and reproducible research.

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