googleLanguageR - Analysing language through the Google Cloud Machine Learning APIs

Mark Edmondson OCTOBER 3, 2017

One of the greatest assets human beings possess is the power of speech and language, from which almost all our other accomplishments flow. To be able to analyse communication offers us a chance to gain a greater understanding of one another. To help you with this, googleLanguageR is an R package that allows you to perform speech-to-text transcription, neural net translation and natural language processing via the Google Cloud machine learning services.

Topic modeling in R

Carson Sievert APRIL 16, 2014

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of posts from rOpenSci’s recent hackathon. I recently had the pleasure of participating in rOpenSci’s hackathon. To be honest, I was quite nervous to work among such notables, but I immediately felt welcome thanks to a warm and personable group. Alyssa Frazee has a great post summarizing the event, so check that out if you haven’t already. Once again, many thanks to rOpenSci for making it possible!

solr - an R interface to Solr

Scott Chamberlain JANUARY 27, 2014

A number of the APIs we interact with (e.g., PLOS full text API, and USGS’s BISON API in rplos and rbison, respectively) expose Solr endpoints. Solr is an Apache hosted project - it is a powerful search server. Given that at least two, and possibly more in the future, of the data providers we interact with provide Solr endpoints, it made sense to create an R package to make robust functions to interact with Solr that work across any Solr endpoint.

Highlighting text in text mining

Scott Chamberlain DECEMBER 2, 2013

rplos is an R package to facilitate easy search and full-text retrieval from all Public Library of Science (PLOS) articles, and we have a little feature which aren’t sure if is useful or not. I don’t actually do any text-mining for my research, so perhaps text-mining folks can give some feedback. You can quickly get a lot of results back using rplos, so perhaps it is useful to quickly browse what you got.

OA week - A simple use case for programmatic access to PLOS full text

Scott Chamberlain OCTOBER 22, 2013

Open access week is here! We love open access, and think it’s extremely important to publish in open access journals. One of the many benefits of open access literature is that we likely can use the text of articles in OA journals for many things, including text-mining. What’s even more awesome is some OA publishers provide API (application programming interface) access to their full text articles. Public Library of Science (PLOS) is one of these.

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